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Icecal A - Pets

Icecal A - Pets is a natural calcium source for us in pet food produced from ocean quahog shells (Arctica Islandica). The quahogs are harvested off the coasts of Iceland. .

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The result of several years of collaboration between the Biogenic Minerals team and local fishermen, manufacturers, and food industry experts, Icecal A is a pure calcium carbonate powder using the neglected source, the Ocean Quahog shell, to provide a high-quality, low-cost product.


Icecal A  has been developed to meet the European Union Environmental and Fishery Regulations. By utilizing the unprofitable Ocean Quahog, in which the meat content is not considered worthwhile given that the shell makes up the vast majority of a catchweight, we can create a sustainable source of a much-needed product in the form of Icecal A, a high-quality calcium carbonate powder.

Icecal A - Pets is a calcium source for use in pet food.

Product Specification





Bulk Density




Shelf life

Off-white powder
Soluble in weak acids,
insoluble in water
0.85-0.90 g/mL
≥ 38%
For use in pet food
5 kg and 25 kg
3 years from manufacture date

Lead (Pb)

Cadmium (Cd)

Mercury (Hg)

< 0.048 ppm
< 0.68 ppm
< 0.011 ppm
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