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Arctica Islandica
A sustainable Source of Marine Calcium.

There are plenty of reasons to prefer calcium derived from marine sources over calcium from limestone. Let's dive in and see why calcium from marine sources is considered better for humans, animals and nature.


Natural and sustainable source.

Quahog clam shells used for calcium supplements are often a byproduct of the seafood industry, which means that they are a natural and sustainable source of calcium.


This is in contrast to limestone, which requires mining and other resource-intensive processes.


Additional nutrients.

Quahog clam shells may contain additional nutrients like trace minerals and amino acids that can be beneficial for overall health. These nutrients are naturally present in the shell of the quahog clam, and can provide a source of essential minerals that may be lacking in the diet.


Better absorption.

Calcium supplements derived from quahog clam shells are often in the form of calcium carbonate, which is the same form found in limestone. However, some studies suggest that the calcium in quahog clam shells is more easily absorbed by the body than calcium carbonate. This may be due to the presence of additional nutrients that help with absorption, or to the smaller particle size of the calcium in the quahog clam shells.


Potential anti-inflammatory effects.

Some research has suggested that calcium supplements derived from quahog clam shells may have anti-inflammatory effects due to the presence of certain compounds in the shell. This may be beneficial for those with inflammatory conditions such as osteoarthritis.

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